Paul Guba grew up in a small fishing town on the New Jersey coastline that is known more for its fabulous clams then artist community. He is the son of two artists his mother an accomplished singer and long time choir director and his father a trained illustrator and art director who would latter become a VP for a boutique promotional agency. It is no wonder he became a photography artist, as art has always been a part of his life.

At an early age it was apparent that Paul had creativity in his genes, spending hours working in various mediums and taking every art class that was available. In college he would pursue both design and photography and would graduate with associates degrees in both. He finally settled on photography his true passion and would finish up his college at the renowned photography program of Rochester Institute of Technology.

Like many young photographers Paul traveled to New York City to pursue his dream. Once there he began working for many well know photographers at the time, the long hours of apprenticeship honed the skills he has today. It was then that he found his niche in still life and product photography. His ability to solve complex visual problems, design skills, and seemly limitless energy and patience were well suited for this pursuit.

It wasn’t long before Paul achieved his dream and had his own studio in NYC. There he was fortunate enough to work with various editorial clients, designers, and advertising agencies. He shot everything from oil cans to martinis and enjoyed solving the problems that each job brings. This would all change on a fateful morning in September. Having reached his dream of having his own studio Paul decided it was time to simplify his life and return to his roots on the NJ coast. Thankfully at the same time a changing industry and technology has enabled him to expand his business and embrace digital photography.

Paul has now been busy as a commercial photographer for over 20 years. He maintains a full studio not far from the coast he loves. He still looks forward to solving client’s problems while providing them with wonderful images to help them market and grow their business. He’ll tell you “ I get to do what I love every day not everyone gets to do that. I am a lucky guy.”