Faces of Hope is an on going project photographing volunteers working to restore homes effected by Super Storm Sandy. The volunteer groups are organized and coordinated by several nonprofits. These volunteers travel to New Jersey from all parts of the United States. They typically donate a week of time to help support the relief effort.

The project began while I was walking through downtown Highlands NJ. I had noticed five large passenger vans with Missouri license plates. It immediately occurred to me that these vans had carried a large group of volunteers to my hometown to help those affected by the storm. I soon found myself talking with several of the volunteers. I was so taken with their generosity and kindness that I decide right there on the spot that I wanted to document the volunteers in a series of portraits. Faces of Hope focus is to honor the volunteers that have brought hope to so many who have experienced loss and hardship.

Paul Guba Photography has made a three-year commitment to photograph volunteer groups when possible. The project is currently two years old. It is my hope to continue to photograph those willing to participate over the next year.